Spring is here and so is the yard work. So this week has been slow for the project. Here is a quick overview of what is going on.

We are working on…

…the opening location

The game opens at the main character’s home. This is a unique location from what has been worked on before As it requires inpainting, outpainting and combining multiple AI generated reprojected images into one. I am writing a report on how it went and what solutions were used. Once the work is finished of course!

…water simulations

The first story is about water. So naturally there wil be some pretty complex water simulations in there. As I keep working on learning the realtime water simulation tools and how to create some awesome, cinematic scenes with them, I will write a post about it and naturally show the results in the blog.

…a batch of characters

It has been a while since I posted about more character work. I have been working on new characters, but I have not yet finished any. The one that is the furthest along is the poll winning female character.

I have not been working on this character for a month, as I have had too much fun on working on other things, but I will pick up the character work soon as we begin to implement NPCs into the game world.

…the story

We are still working on coming up with the final act details for the first chapter. The storyline is pretty far all the way until the end. I want to make sure the story does not fall flat or fell rushed at the end. I want it to get better the further along you are. This takes some time.

…audio for the trailer

A first pass of audio for the game, a soundtrack for the trailer, is also in the works. The short teaser trailer is used as a prototyping tool to see what sort of soundscape the game will eventually have. After the trailer has audio, I will add the logo animation and call to action to it and release it properly.

So there you have it. The update this week. Nothing final to show, but a lot of balls in the air!

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