A really interesting gaming news site, Premortem Games posted and interview about Echoes of Somewhere.

I must admit, it was close that this interview never happened! If you scroll down to the very bottom of this page, there is an email in the footer for contacting us. I set that email up in January 2023 and never read it! Now 8 months later I remembered the thing and started to go trough the emails I have received!

One of these emails was a set of questions from PreMortem Games. I promptly answered the questions. I was pretty sure they would not release this interview anymore, as I replied so crazy late, but to my surprise, they posted the interview after a few days!

P.S. Most of the emails were spam, so it was not a big loss that I had not received them.

There were couple of offers for publishing deals buried among the spam, but I am set to keep this game freeware, so I have to pass on those – unless someone wants to publish and market a free game?

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