Sometimes these locations require more art direction. More specific features. In these cases, a lot more work is required. Here is a breakdown for how to direct Midjourney for game backgrounds.

Using Midjourney inpainting & expand with photoshop generative fill to achieve complex, very specific locations. Read the first post in the series.

This post is continuation to this post where we create the exterior of the building.

City hall waiting room interior – Using midjourney Vary(region) to update old v4 generations to support zoom out

I prompted this location way back in April. The story requires it, but the game was not yet that far along. (It now is). Usually, I would take this to Photoshop and use generative fill to expand on the image, but I found out that using Vary (region) on these older generations actually upgrades them to v5!

Midjourney for game backgrounds - original generation for waiting room
cyberpunk dirty office waiting room with benches and a door with a number above it, wide angle, hdr masterpiece adventure game –ar 16:9

I just needed to go back to the original quad view, regenerate the large version of the waiting room and do a Vary (Region) pass on it. I removed the text on the door with the vary tool. It would be added back in Unity. This upgraded the image to Midjourney V5 with all the latests bells and whistles, including the Zoom out options, which you can see are missing from the v4 generation!

This tacky technique allows me to use V4 for initial scene creation, as it has a softer, less 3D look. But do the editing with V5, which is more advanced and has more control. The vary tool trick is a great alternative to using Photoshop’s generative fill exclusively. Generative fill is pretty bad at adding new items into the scenes. It does great at scene extending and removing things.

Extending the location with Midjourney

I started extending the scene to the right. An elevator was needed as a scene entry point.

Midjourney for game backgrounds Different expand image cariations
cyberpunk dirty office hallway with elevator doors, wide angle, hdr masterpiece adventure game

Midjourney was not great at making elevators I found out, but one of the images had this open doorway I cold paint elevator doors over in Photoshop.

Midjourney for game backgrounds - variation upscale
cyberpunk dirty office hallway with elevator doors, wide angle, hdr masterpiece adventure game

A classic old school Photo Booth was required in the other direction. Previously I have had a ton of issues trying to generate a Photo Booth with AI tools. This turned out to be true again.

Midjourney for game backgrounds - first try of Photo Booth generation
cyberpunk dirty office room with a photo booth with curtain and a slot for photographs, hdr masterpiece adventure game

Using reference photos for set extension

The only way I managed to get anything resembling a Photo Booth was to use a reference image of one in the prompt. First, I tried this image:

A reference image for a Photo Booth
Photo Booth reference image

After using the reference, some of the generations started to actually look like a photo booth. But I realised that the angled reference image started to affect the actual perspective of the image. I wanted the booth to be from a front angle. So I googled for a new reference image.

The second version of a Photo Booth ref I used was from a better angle. I did not like the booth as much, but I was eager to try anything.

a second reference image for a Photo Booth
Photo booth reference image

This reference image started to produce better results. These photo booths begun to look crappy like I wanted them to.

Midjourney for game backgrounds -  photo birth generations cyberpunk dirty office room with a vintage photo booth with curtains, wide angle, hdr masterpiece adventure game

Especially this image had a booth with the feel that I always had imagined in my head. Like something forgotten.

Midjourney for game backgrounds - the final Photo Booth generation cyberpunk dirty office room with a vintage photo booth with curtains, wide angle, hdr masterpiece adventure game

Taking it the rest of the way in Photoshop

After this the image is taken into Photoshop. A lot of modifications will be made there.

Midjourney for game backgrounds - Photoshop polish

First, the elevator door is created using generative fill. In addition to generative fill, overpainting and hue & saturation and curves are used to marry the door to the location.

Midjourney for game backgrounds - Photoshop polish

The Photo Booth details are kit-bashed on the image using generative fill and painting. At this point they do not need to be consistent with the style of the image too much. The work can be pretty hacky.

Photoshop polish

Generative fi with very faint selection can then be used to generate a final rendered look of the kit-bashed areas. This feature of generative fill makes it great for combining different elements together. But beware, it does not always create good results.

Photoshop polish

The rest of the image is then pieced together from small generative fill patches. Color grading is applied locally to the different generated areas to match the color values better.

Photoshop final result

This location will have a panning camera that freely follows the player around within a range. I have not yet had a location like this in the game to it will be an interesting challenge. In this image the red rectangle is the original midjourney generation and the white rectangle is the approximation of the 16:9 game screen.

game screen crop on the image.

This is an another location, now ready to be turned to 3D and around into the game! With this and the exterior I already have my work cut out for me, especially as this waiting room location has 3 new human characters and one new robot!

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