Adventure creator has support for objective lists and documents. I figured why not integrate them into the game as well? The player could be able to receive some text messages like in Cyberpunk 2077 and have a list of to-do’s for keeping the objective clear.

Setting up these systems is pretty straightforward as AC comes bundled with Unity UI versions of these systems and modifying them to fit my needs was not a big chore!


The prompting for the AI generated UI assets was pretty simple. I used Midjourney 5.1 for this one. The prompt was “cyberpunk handheld device with screen and dials on white background –v 5.1

I used the 2nd image from the first batch.

I used photoshop generative fill to get rid of the on-screen graphics for a clean version of the AI generated UI assets PDA graphic. I used the same graphic as the inventory item icon and the full screen GUI background.

AI generated UI assets the main PDA graphic masked out and upscaled

GUI setup

The PDA would be split across 2 different menus: Objectives and Documents. Which I named To-Do and Messages. Each of these has their own layout and data, but I wanted it to feel as if they were tabs in the same UI. This required me to duplicate a bunch of the UI elements across the 2 menus.

The AI generated UI assets PDA graphic in Unity as part of the Ui stack

I created some UI graphics for the PDA UI: buttons and layout tables.

You can swap between these 2 menus with the tabs on top of the screen.

AI generated UI assets the PDA graphic with a list view of incoming messages

For the To-Do screen, I added some icons that accompany each item. For these icons I used Midjourney. Some of the icons are based on the location icons I also generated with Midjourney.

For the messages, I figures the player would be getting those every once in a while. But for the To-Do list items I would only add a new entry for each “chore” or a bigger task the player has. So the to-do list would be more of a high level list.

I think the PDA turned out great! It is not something that the game absolutely necessary requires, but will be a great tool for world building and keeping track of progress.

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