I have been actively working on the project for one full year now. And to celebrate this milestone, I am releasing a short Echoes Of Somewhere demo of the game for Windows Mac & OS!

It is true, echoes of somewhere is now 1 year old! And what a year it has been! I will go more into details on that in next week’s blog post, which will be the final post of the year!

But back to the topic at hand: the demo! I was not at all sure I could get this done in time. But luckily I got myself motivated to finish all the boring bits and get a demo build done! Steam demo release is still under way, as Steamworks is such a complicated thing that I did not want to waste days trying to figure that out (it is coming for sure, but not quite yet). But until then, I uploaded the game to itch.io for everyone to enjoy!


Here are some screenshots of the latest build of the demo:

Game trailer

A short trailer for the project:

The origins of the project presentation

An about hour long presentation, explaining the origins, motivation and technical breakdown of the project in detail.

Known issues

The current demo build is not perfect! Here are some issues that you might encounter on your travels:

  • Black screens
    • Sometimes on certain Apple computers the game screen remains black after entering a new scene. I am investigating this issue
  • Weird, pixel overlays
    • On older non-Apple silicon Mac computers without MTLReadWriteTextureTier2 support the game will have major graphical issues. These computers are not officially supported and this issue might never get resolved
  • Subtitle UI element flashes at the center of the screen briefly
    • This is under investigation and will be fixed
  • The hotspot icons are massive on the Steam Deck
    • This too is under investigation and will get resolved

If you encounter Any issues that are not on this list, please do not hesitate to report them for me. You can use the comment field on this blog post or post on the project’s Discord. Thank you!

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