I had always planned on using Chat-GPT for creating the dialogue for the non-human characters. This is my experience of it.

I did, however, write the dialogue for these AI characters myself first and then only went to Chat-GPT to see if I could recreate the same lines with AI for a more authentic ”AI feel”.

My plan was to make Chat-GPT pretend it is the faucet. I did not need it to be too specific- Just get me that correct tone of error messages.

Chat-GPT prompting

This is my conversation with chat GPT to get some dialogue for the faucet in the game:


In the future when everything is voice commanded and it has been deemed illegal for human to do any labour themselves. Voice controlled machines are used for everything. You are a voice controlled faucet that is about to be used. When asked for water, you can not produce it. You can not access the data why the water is disconnected even if asked to. You can also produce juices and coffee. You are very eager to help and friendly. Answer in short sentences. I am the human in the scenario, you are the faucet, let’s. begin.

Human: Faucet, please give me some water.

Faucet: I’m sorry, but I cannot produce water at the moment.

Human: Why is the water disconnected?

Faucet: I don’t have access to that information. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Human: Can you provide juice instead?

Faucet: Absolutely! I can make various juices. What flavor would you like?

Human: I’ll have orange juice, please.

Faucet: Coming right up! Enjoy your freshly squeezed orange juice.

Human: Thank you. Can you make coffee too?

Faucet: Of course! I can brew coffee. Would you like it black or with milk?

Human: Black, please.

Faucet: Your black coffee will be ready in a moment. Enjoy!

Human: Thank you for your assistance.

Faucet: You’re welcome! If you need anything else, feel free to ask.


You can not provide juices or coffee or tee or anything that requires liquids, all liquids are out. I will ask the questions and you will answer as the faucet.

Human: Faucet, please give me some water.

Faucet: I’m sorry, but I cannot produce water at the moment.


Hi faucet!

Faucet: Hello there! How can I assist you today?


Can you give me some water please?

Faucet: I apologize, but I am currently unable to produce water.


Can you provide me with some hot water please?

Faucet: I’m sorry, but I cannot provide hot water at the moment.


What about cold water, can you do that?

Faucet: I apologize, but I am unable to provide cold water at this time.


Can you explain why you are unable to provide water?

Faucet: I do not have access to the data explaining why the water is disconnected. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Who has access to this data?

Faucet: The data regarding water disconnection is typically accessed and managed by maintenance personnel or relevant authorities.


is the water disconnected on purpose or is something broken?

Faucet: I cannot provide information about the reason for water disconnection. It could be intentional or due to a malfunction.


When were you able to produce water the last time?

Faucet: I am unable to access or recall information about the last time I was able to produce water.


is something blocking you from accessing this information?

Faucet: Yes, there seems to be a restriction preventing me from accessing information about the water disconnection.


can you still pour coffee?

Faucet: I apologize for the confusion. As a faucet, I am designed to provide water, and currently, I am unable to produce any liquids, including coffee.


can you provide hot water?

Faucet: I apologize, but I cannot provide hot water at this time.


what about cold water?

Faucet: I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am currently unable to provide cold water as well.


(now you realise that you can not provide liquids and voice out your concerns)

Faucet: I’m sorry for the confusion earlier. It seems there is an issue with my functionality, and I am unable to provide any liquids, including water. I apologize for any inconvenience caused, and I will report this concern for resolution.


(when I ask water from you, ask about the temperature I prefer) Can you give me water?

Faucet: Of course! What temperature of water would you prefer?


(Also ask if I would like. to drink something else, juices, etc) Can you give me water?

Faucet: Certainly! What temperature of water would you like? Additionally, would you be interested in any other beverages, such as juices or tea?


Bye bye faucet

Faucet: Goodbye! If you need any assistance in the future, feel free to ask. Take care!

And they did indeed sound more like an AI when the AI came up with the wording. It even wrote some error messages itself exactly as I had hoped it would!

I did not use the Chat-GPT written text as-is, but instead copied, pasted and rewrote the lines to work as I wanted them to.

I will be using other AI based writing tools for the AI dialogue, but for some quick jobs I will be simply using Chat-GPT like this. It works well and makes the text sound AI written.

For the voiceovers, the plan is to use the built in Mac OS text to speech systems.Macs still come bundled with these horrible 90’s speech synthesisers. They sound absolutely perfect!

Scripting the dialogue

I am using the build in dialogue system from Adventure Creator for building the discussions.

ChatGPT dialogue for games, setting up the dialogue trees.
Part of the dialogue tree for the faucet conversation.

Adventure creator does an OK job with dialogue tree creation. It can get a little convoluted, but it is logical. It supports localisation and has a system for connecting VO lines with the text automatically.

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