The original teaser trailer I did way back started to look a bit dated with old character, locations and UI, so it was time for a new trailer!

The up-to-date trailer for Echoes Of Somewhere

For this trailer, I had to load up old scenes that had already stopped working as I had changed the way inter-actable hotspots work and upgrade them to the the latest setup. This work was long overdue and I am glad I did it now.

Well, in true #buildinpublic fashion let’s do a bit of a breakdown on the workflow. I captured the game footage from a game build and directly within Unity on a M1 Max MacBook Pro using the built in screen capture tools in Mac OS X. These clips were then edited in DaVinci Resolve.

The music used is a custom piece for the game, composed by Harry Critchley.

For the end card I used After Effects. I simply loaded up my logo animation and repurposed the text animation bits. It was pretty painless.

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